Anti-ageing injections blocks signals to the nerves the muscles. Meaning the injected muscle can no longer contract which causes the wrinkles to relax and soften. Thus meaning a more youthful relaxed look is given. Anti-ageing injections is an FDA approved medicine. Anti-ageing injections can be used to treat a wide range of cosmetic issues, including fine lines and wrinkles and excessive sweating.

THINGS TO KNOW about Anti-ageing injections

Does Anti-ageing injections treatment hurt?

Since its an injected treatment Anti-ageing injections can be a little more sensitive from person to person but usually pain free after the initial injection

Side Effects of Anti-ageing injections treatment?

There may be a small amount of bruising in the affected area, there may be a complication leaving the eye heavy this can be very easily resolved with eye drops although this is extremely rare

After Care for Anti-ageing injections treatment?

Do not drink alcohol, have a hot bath, steam Jacuzzi or sauna or lay down for 4 hours after the treatment. Also as this is a sterile treatment please do not touch the affected area with dirty hands or put anything on the face for 4 hours after treatment

Where will treatment take place?

You can visit our Brentwood site for Botox in Essex or one of our London sites.

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