Vampire Facial (PRP)

To Reduce the appearance of scars,fine lines,and wrinkles! Improved skin tone,texture and tightness. This incredible procedure uses platelet-rich plasma (PRP) from your own blood in combination with profactional laser skin resurfacing to decrease healing time and boost your results.


We are always updating training for new techniques and researching products on the market to ensure our clients get the best treatment for them. Our Aesthetics Practitioners are fully qualified and insured to practice in both Anti-ageing injections treatments and Dermal Filler treatments.


Working alongside you we will strive to achieve the look you require. Frozen faces to subtle age defying touch ups…we listen and offer the course of treatment best suited to you whether is be 3 areas treated with Anti-ageing injections or a 1ml of Dermal Filler to give a fuller more shapely lip. All you have to decide is if your going coming for Anti-ageing injections in London or Dermal Fillers in Essex….or both??

THINGS TO KNOW about Botoxilin

Does Botoxilin treatment hurt?

Since its an injected treatment Botoxilin can be a little more sensitive from person to person but usually pain free after the initial injection

Side Effects of Botoxilin treatment?

There may be a small amount of bruising in the affected area, there may be a complication leaving the eye heavy this can be very easily resolved with eye drops although this is extremely rare

After Care for Botoxilin treatment?

Do not drink alcohol, have a hot bath, steam Jacuzzi or sauna or lay down for 4 hours after the treatment. Also as this is a sterile treatment please do not touch the affected area with dirty hands or put anything on the face for 4 hours after treatment

Where will treatment take place?

You can visit our Brentwood site for Botox in Essex or one of our London sites.

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