Whilst other people opt for the full on glamour lips and frozen face – why not recommend us when asked where do you go – as I am sure you will be asked!

Dermal Filler treatments


At Novum Aesthetics we strive to be the leading Anti-ageing injections and Dermal Filler Aesthetics Practitioners in London and Essex. Offering  Anti-ageing injections and Dermal Filler treatments –  that we feel gives us a specialist edge! We are always updating training for new techniques and researching products on the market to ensure our clients get the best treatment for them.   Our Aesthetics Practitioners are fully qualified and insured to practice in both Anti-ageing injections treatments and Dermal Filler treatments.

Working alongside you we will strive to achieve the look you require. Frozen faces to subtle age defying touch ups…we listen and offer the course of treatment best suited to you whether is be 3 areas treated with Anti-ageing injections or a 1ml of Dermal Filler to give a fuller more shapely lip. All you have to decide is if your going coming for Anti-ageing injections in London or Dermal Fillers in Essex….or both??

Anti-ageing injections
dermal fillers

Offering nonsurgical facelifts with Anti-ageing injections and Dermal Filler we want to help you look and feel the best you.   We have all the up to date techniques and product range I’m sure you could want….everything from lip augmentation (lip filler), cheek augmentation (cheek filler), jaw augmentation (jaw filler), smooth out wrinkles, scars, and fine lines with various Dermal Filler products. Also offering Anti-ageing injections – if you have a topical problem maybe one/two areas is for you or would you like to go for the three areas of Anti-ageing injections treatment? Be done with the wrinkles (or the next 4-10months) until your next appointment.

Novum Aesthetics is one such service that has been one of the most sought-after and established services for many years on end. We make sure of the fact that when it comes to the most cutting-edge anti-ageing injections and dermal filler treatments, we are completely up-to-date with all the necessary technological innovations out there.
Since you deserve nothing but the best treatment available out there, our team of professionals are more than up to the job with years of experience in the field as well as full qualification and insurance to put all your doubts about their expertise to complete rest. In this regard, a detailed talk with them is all you need.The moment you get in touch with our team members, we will sit down and make sure that every aspect regarding the particular look you are going for is sorted out and discussed in detail. Once that is out of the way, the next step would be recommending the best treatment for you depending on your needs and desires regarding the look. That is the key aspect that needs to be addressed.

Whether you are visiting us for the best Anti-ageing injections or dermal filler, our main aim is to help you look your best. It is as simple as that. All the modern techniques are in our hands starting from lip, cheek and jaw augmentation to smooth-out scars and wrinkles as well as a variety of different Anti-ageing treatments for you to choose from. The only thing left for you to do is call.

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