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19 February 23

I’m completely amazed at how I haven’t been on here to write for a year? I feel like Iv blinked and its gone? I started the aesthetics courses in February last year so its been pretty full on since then. Iv been running separate training days for each course so Botox training one day , dermal filler training another day etc. It’s really rewarding working and then watching the trainees flourish. Everyone is different and with that comes its own challenges and it’s exactly the change I needed. I’m still offering my usual appointment at Harley Street London and Brentwood Essex seeing the regular clients and new ones alike. I will forever be grateful to the clients that first started with me 8 years ago and are still coming by to get their Botox now haha….I really do look forward to our quarterly appointments and a good catch up with you all. I really will start with the blog again – not quite sure how many of you used to read it – please let me know if you do! I’m working tomorrow in South West London and East London seeing clients at Home visits for Botox. I usually require 2+ people to book for a home visit or multiple treatments. I’m working Wednesday and Thursday in Brentwood Essex and training in Botox in Brentwood Friday – busy week ahead…I can wait for it.

27 January 2021

So its been more than a while. We finally back and soooo busy I have not had time to post for ages! Hopefully this will be the start of something more consistent! Were so happy the clinics are back bustling again. Harley Street is literally booming – the most popular aesthetics treatments there are Botox and Profhilo at the moment and I dont see that changing. This combination make for a power treatment – the Botox treats the upper face and Profhilo for the mid face.

11 July 2020

Team Novum are back and I must admit, call me biased but the clients are super friendly and its rubbing off on the team! I think everyone is got a little more appreciative for the post Lockdown freedom. We have a big day coming up in Brentwood (Essex)this Sunday and spaces are limited. Harley Street is almost full in the afternoon so we mainly have morning or late evening spaces left. If your thinking of coming in for Botox, Lip Fillers, Cheek Fillers, Jaw Fillers or Chin Fillers, no knife nose re-shaping or Aqualyx at 1 Harley Street (London)….please, please, please book first! just head over the bookings page and select Harley Street – with the diary filling up I doubt anyone can squeeze you in the the day – even though we would love to xxxx

15 November 2021

Hey all its been a while – finally got the Fibre sorted in the new house and am now able to make more regular updates on the site as the bad connection previously made the site crash so I was scared off haha… with Xmas looming in the air – this months Harley Street date is looking impressive with limited appointments now running into the late evening. Please remember when booking your appointment that you cannot drink alcohol for 24 hours after your botox treatment, this is sometimes an issue at Harley Street for Botox as its a Saturday Clinic…Theres also been a change in the Essex diary…following the leak at the treatment room in Harold Wood were no longer at that site…all clients are re booked for their appointments in Brentwood

22 August 2021

We offer complimentary consultations for clients interested in Botox, Profhilo, Dermal Fillers and Aqualyx Fat dissolving.. if your interested in any of the treatments we offer please get in touch, just let us know if its Harley Street, Harold Wood or the Brentwood Clinic your interested in visiting.

20 August 2021

The summer break is over – and were back better than ever. London Harley St Clinic is having a boost with an extra day added each month. ensuring that we can see all the lovelies trying to book with us for Botox and Fillers in London. Londons leading profhilo clinic just got better! Big news and an massive Year coming up for Novum Aesthetics at Londons Harley Street.

16 July 2021

Tomorrow is our last Harley Street/ London date before we wind down for the summer break. We have men and woman from all over London travelling into Harley Street for Botox, Profhilo, Aqualyx and Dermal Fillers. The diary is looking full and I’m really looking forward to a catch up with my London lovelies.

7 July 2021

 With Summer pending and our annual 6 week break coming up, we have some bustling clinic dates coming up! Harley Street clinic date is 17th July – we have back to back Botox for Harley Street and London clients. I have also noticed an increase in the amount of clients booking for Profhilo at Londons Harley Street Clinic. I’m a huge fan of Profhilo – cannot recommend it enough.

18 May 2021

 Well – what can I say? Firstly a huge thank you to everyone who was banging down the door when we first opened back up and supported us. Secondly a big thank you to all the new clients we have now trusted us! Harley Street clinic days have seen record number since we opened back up with Botox at the London treatment days has by far been the most popular treatment. I think after the lockdowns and the turbulent year we have all had – the go to treatment at Harley Street is Botox. Another really popular treatment at the minute is Profhilo, giving the ultimate glow and bioremodeling skin with this amazing collagen boosting product.

19 March 2021

 Profhilo, Profhilo & so much more Profhilo….this amazing product has really been hitting the headlines lately – check out the Profhilo section on instagram – we have been inundated with clients wanting to book Profhilo at Harley Street, Harold Wood and Brentwood.

02 March 2021

We have the news we were waiting for! Boris has confirmed that restrictions will be lifted next month! Harley Street, London will have its usual Clinic date on 20th March, clients can book for Botox, Lip Fillers, Cheek Filler and Jawline definition, Facial contouring and Aqualyx Fat dissolving! Novum Aesthetics also offer Profhilo and many other anti ageing treatments. We are open next month in Harold Wood, Billericay and Brentwood as usual for aesthetics!!! I am soooo happy to be BACK!!!

24 February 2021

 We have a little more guidance at last! so April we will be fully open and resuming our normal activities … Harley Streets aesthetics appointments are backed up ….wow mean Harley Street clients really love the Profhilo! I also have an exceptional number of clients waiting for Aqualyx Fat Dissolving at London’s Harley Street. Our London lovelies also are very keen for Cheek Fillers at London Harley Street. (Almost forgot the Botox at London Harley Street – how would I forget the Botox urggggg – its been too long).

Brentwood and Harold Wood Aesthetics Clients are mainly booking for their Botox and Lip Filler – these guys know what they was and their just about ready to stamped the doors (haha) …fear not the Botox and Lip Filler will be here ready and waiting for all the masses haha.

18 February 2021

Hey all – hope everyone is well and feeling positive about this madness were living in coming to an end… Im hoping that Mondays speech will bring more clarity … I miss all my clients so much – there is a waiting list for Botox, Profhilo, Aqualyx and Dermal Fillers as long as my well rested arms haha…hopefully the longer brighter days will bring an end to the doom and gloom. Im starting with a spiritual mentor next week, ill let you know how I get on xx

4 February 2021

If you would like to book a virtual consultation to discuss a bespoke aesthetics plan just for you – please get in touch. Even if you have a treatment in mind? We would run through the options and check that its the best option…Botox, Profhilo, Lip Fillers, Cheek Fillers, Jaw Contouring, Full facial contouring, Aqaulyx Fat Dissolving…and thats just to name a few of the fab treatments we offer!

2 February 2021

NEWS … Novum Aesthetics are pleased to offer a home service when the lockdown is lifted. The service will be limited and a minimum spend is required but we will do all we can to offer our services within the luxury of your own home. Treatments planned for home visits are Botox, Dermal Fillers at home (incl Lips, Cheeks, Jaw & Nose), Aqualyx Fat Dissolving will be offered at home visits and Profhilo will also be available for home visits. We will cover London, Kent, Essex & Surrey – Please get in touch if you would like to book a Home Visit for Mobile Aesthetics

31 January 2021

With the start of February looming my thoughts are drawn to Valentines day – usually the diary would be filling up with clients getting themselves beautified, or treating themselves to something to life the spirits. What ever the reason its always a nice time of year in clinic… Botox in London will be skipped, lips in Brentwood wont be booked…just hoping this year gets us out of the Covid time weve come to know. If any one would like a free consultation please let us know x

23 January 2021

I’m now out of isolation …after the Mexico/Miami trip…the weather here is horrendous, I need to do my Botox and…to be honest – my lips are feeling a bit thin haha…I usually have 1/2 a ml of Premium Dermal Filler in my lips once every 6 months, my Botox i keep TOPPED up…so once every 3/4 months

22 January 2021

Hoping for some good news tonight from Boris! Hope he knows I have a Botox waiting list as long as my Aqualyx’d leg (haha – the little things). Fingers crossed ladies and gents xx

21 January 2021

Happy New Year to you all! I am full of hope and positive thoughts for what the new year has to bring us – focusing on myself and enjoying spending time with my kids – I refuse to look at anything but the positives in life. I have missed all my clients so much, I am inundated daily with my lovelies trying to book appointments for Botox in Brentwood, Lip fillers in Brentwood & not to mention all the Profhilo and Aqualyx appointments I have on my Brentwood List of bookings. Harley Street is now full for the first week I am back there – with Profhilo at Harley Street still being a firm favourite…Aqualyx is still im high demand. Not forgetting all the lovely clients trying to book for their regular Botox session as Harley Street or Dermal Fillers….I can see the end on the horizon and we will be back to doing what we love soon. I miss my clients and my work so much! OOOOOHHHH also – there will be an option for home visits with a Mobile Botox & Mobile Fillers team again soon! Watch this space

1 December 2020

Sooooo, its been a while – sorry for the lack of action on here. Life caught up with me and I spun out haha. The build in Brentwood is going amazing and I am hoping to be offering Botox and Fillers in Brentwood again by February 2020. I am back with a bang at Harold Wood for Botox & Fillers, and the long awaited Profhilo & Aqualyx appointments from tomorrow. I cannot wait to get back to what I love – making people feel good!

20 October 2020

I am a little stuck at where to start haha…The amount of Aqualyx at Harley Street this month was record breaking…this well deserving treatment has finally started to get the recognition it deserves! As far as our booking for Botox at Harley Street – we was back to back clients for those wanting to smooth the lines and get a more youthful appearance. Last but not least, Dermal filler appointments at Harley Street were also flooding in – with an especially high number of appointments for Cheek fillers? Brentwood is finally looking like a clinic again! Harold Wood is working perfectly for us for Fillers, Botox & Aqualyx…not forgetting the infamous Profhilo – like to know more ? Get in touch x


1 October 2020

 Today is the start of the Spookiest of months, with half term in a few weeks and my daughters 5th birthday on Halloween I will be taking the half term off work and having a good old English staycation! Clients requiring their Botox at Harley Street need to book for 17th October – its the only date left in October now for London Botox and Fillers. I have now limited appointments for Aqualyx at Harley Street too. Harold Wood is much more flexible though and is working well covering the Brentwood Botox and Brentwood Filler Clients. We also cover Brentwood Aqualyx’s and Brentwood Profhilo’s clients too. Looking forward to long dark afternoons, chunky jumpers and a stew!

24 September 2020

We are now fully booked at Harold Wood and Brentwood. With a diary at Brentwood Botox crazy, Harold Wood for Lip Fillers…and Aqualyx in London and beyond…what a week! Next available appointment is Tuesday. Harley Street London is 17th October x

22 September 2020

This weeks Harley Street Clinic was a huge success…although I smashed my phone on the way (the drama) and didn’t have any diary, contacts and was unable to take card payment for half the day! Thank you to the lovely clients that were so understanding…it all worked out in the end. The treatment of choice was Profhilo at Harley Street, we also saw a huge number of clients for Botox at Harley Street too. Its like Pandoras Box in the Harley Street Clinic…who knows the secrets that we hide x

09 September 2020

As the midweek dawns upon us…our diary for Brentwood Botox Brentwood Fillers & Brentwood Aqualyx appointments is looking pretty full (seeing that we are currently working from Harold Wood we are now getting a whole new client base for Harold Wood too yaaay)! With news from Boris Johnson that the Covid regulations are tightening again…im left wondering will be be told we cant work again soon? With Harley Street on 19th September, we have availability still for Aqualyx at Harley Street, Botox at Harley Street and Fillers at Harley Street. With only afternoon availability now…please do book if you would like one of this months Harley Street appointments. Fingers crossed the new measures do as they hoped and we do not go into another full lockdown. Love and Light guys …Chloe xxx

03 September 2020

What a week so far! With a few busy days at Harold Wood covering for all the Brentwood clients too, my daughter also started school this week (only doing half days) all the lovely clients have been so understanding as I completely mixed up the bookings ! So Lip fillers in Brentwood were rescheduled, Botox in Brentwood and the Harold Wood Botox clients were shuffled to daytimes… roll on next week when we can resume the normal Dermal Filler and Botox Clinics!….Oh and did I mention…I carried out a record number or Aqualyx Fat Dissolving injections this past week…and I have great before and after photos a client sent from Aqualyx in Brentwood…I will post them tomorrow…xx

26 August 2020

 Things are really picking up with clients, the new normal now actually does feel normal. Harley Street Aqualyx appointments are at an all time high! With clients travelling from all over London to Harley Street for Botox and Dermal Fillers, were thinking of adding more clinic days to the Harley Street treatment calendar. The Harold Wood treatment room is BUSY! With the Brentwood Botox, Brentwoods Dermal Fillers and all of Brentwoods Aqualyx clients being more than happy to drive the 11 minutes to Harold Wood while the site is under construction, we have also now started to build a great client base in Harold Wood. The Harold Wood treatment room is right opposite the train station and has 1 hour free parking too, making it ideal for clients to get their Botox in Essex, Lip Fillers in Essex and also has good transport links for East London and City train lines for clients from East London for Botox and East London for Fillers.


15 August 2020

Just in the Harley Street (London) Clinic in Between clients, I had a model in this morning (that’s why I love Harley Street). He came down for his 3 areas of Botox with Harley Street being his only choice of location for aesthetics treatments. We were lucky enough to have met a few years ago and it be a good match! Chris and I have been together ever the aesthetics sense. if your thinking of booking for Botox at Harley Street, or looking for Botox in London, please get in touch as Novum Aesthetics are London’s Leading Botox clinic. Book for a free consultation for Botox at Harley Street or Botox in London.

12 August 2020

I will be back working at the Harold Wood treatment room today, being only 11 minutes from the Brentwood Clinic, its ideal…all my lovely clients have been really great, the Harold Wood treatment room has free car parking outside and is opposite the Harold Wood Train Station which which has fantastic links to Essex and London. We offer Lip Fillers at Harold Wood the same Lip Fillers we offered in Brentwood (hehe)…,we also offer Aqualyx Fat Dissolving at the Harold Wood treatment room (the same price and product of Aqualyx as Brentwood). We have Profhilo for some of the best prices in Essex. The Botox Harold Wood, is again the same price and product as the Botox at the Brentwood Clinic. So if your thinking of having Botox in Brentwood, come to have your Botox in Harold Wood (11mins away), if your considering having Aqualyx in Essex, our Brentwood Clinics Aqualyx Team and now offering Aqualyx in Harold Wood. Lip fillers in Harold Wood have currently been replacing the Lip Fillers in Brentwood… Face contouring Packages are also available… please get in touch if you would like to come in for a free consultaion or to make an appointment….Chloe xx

11 August 2020

 Have you been thinking about having lip fillers (dermal lip fillers)? If you have any questions about lip fillers we are running a special lip fillers clinic at Harley Street (London) this coming Saturday. Where we can talk about your Lip Fillers questions, goals and put together a treatment plans. As every ones Lips and ideas are different a free Lip Filler consultation could be ideal! If you live in London, or in the surrounding London Areas, with excellent underground links and parking, come along to London’s prestigious Harley Street for a free Lip Filler consultation with Novum Aesthetics. Based at 1 Harley Street, we are one of London’s leading Dermal Filler and Botox specialist…..

5 August 2020

 Its been a while! With the new room in Harold Wood running smoothly all the Brentwood, Chelmsford and Billericay Clients are happy that its only 11 minutes from the old Brentwood Clinic. We offer Botox, Fillers (lip filler, jaw filler, chin filler, liquid nose jobs, cheek contouring and tear trough treatment), Aqualyx and Profhilo all from the new treatment room. Harley Street is filling up for the 15th August…we will be offering all the usual treatments there too! The new face shields have arrived and I am just waiting on the Novum Aesthetics face masks too…may even order extra and give them to clients…they are actually really nice. When entering our treatment rooms your temperature will be taken from now on…hope to see everyone again soon…much love Chloe x

24 July 2020

Morning all, my next confirmed clinic date to work myself is 6th August, if your waiting for me…please get in touch, the diary is filling up fast, book on the bookings page for Harold Wood as the Brentwood treatment room is currently under constructions. All lip fillers, jaw, cheek, chin, nose and Botox/Azzalure and Aqualyx appointments will need to be booked in this way…please feel free to fill in the contact form for any questions…Chloe xx

23 July 2020

 The New Treatment room has been confirmed, Its at Ladies and Gentlemen, Station Road, Harold Wood, all the clients from Brentwood & Billericay, Chelmsford and East London, Gidea Park and all the other lovelies from other London and Essex areas this is our new Essex location, Brentwood will be back up and running in around a year…we will keep the Harold Wood room though as its a great location and everyones so friendly there! We will be treating with Dermal Fillers (lip fillers, cheek fillers, jaw fillers, chin fillers, liquid nose augmentation, anti-wrinkle treatments such as Botox and Azzalures, Aqualyx Fat dissolving and Profhilo)…come along to the new treatment room when you can!

18 July 2020

Lori had an amazing day today at Harley Street, London…back to back clients with Aqualyx being the treatment of the minute! Botox / Azzalures underarm to prevent/reduce sweating also is proving to be a very popular treatment! Big News….we have a new place in Billericay we will be running clinic days from…starting 30th July – every Tuesday and Thursday there after. This will enable all our Brentwood, Billericay, Chelsford, Loughton, South Woodford, Southend and the rest of Essex and East London a little more flexibility when booking and a regular place to see our have appointments, as well as maintaining a few cheeky home visits

14 July 2020

Only a few days now until Harley Street is ready for us…this week we have been inundated with home visit aesthetics appointments, covering Knightsbridge, Chelsea, Belgravia … right over to Chemlsford, Brentwood, South Woodford & Canary Wharf, the girls have been working hard and its paying off…slowly, slowly…we are ensuring we are seeing all our clients in the safest possible environment.

Wow, what a few weeks we have had! Our new Mobile visits are going down an absolute storm! We have welcomed a new recruit to the team, Lori! Based in Canary Wharf, Lori will be making home visits and covering the Canary Wharf/East London areas. Lori will also be working with us Harley Street on the 18th July! With back to back clients this month at Harley Street, and been almost fully booked every evening until then… I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all the clients that have waited so patiently and its been great seeing you all again, we have been over London, Essex, Surrey and Kent … working through all the lovelies, making you all feel as special as you should! Botox, Aqualyx, Profhilo, Lip Fillers, Jaw fillers, Cheek contouring, B12 injections – you name it we have JABBED it !!! What a come back..thank you everyone for making it possible xxxx Love Chloe & the TEAMMMMMM xxxx

30 June 2020

So with a diary full of back to back Botox and Dermal Filler appointments (mainly home visits) I have been inundated with Aqualyx bookings too! In the past this treatment has been an after thought once Iv spoken about it, but this is a new time clearly….and the Aqualyx is INNNNNNN

Russian Lips are making a big impression and classic 3 areas of botox is the the go to treatment for men, womans, old young. You just cant get fresher! Harley Street, London is pending and I am actually looking for a new Treatment room for Brentwood…if anyone has any ideas please complete the contact form xxx

24 June 2020

The news has arrived! We have an opening date for Harley Street…Saturday 18th July 2020. We will be back at Harley Street, London. Injecting Botox, Dermal FIllers, Aqualyx, Profhilo and Vitamin B12 Injections…generally jabbing it up and making dreams happen (well, that maybe an over statement…but we make people feel good)

7 June 2020

Novum Aesthetics will now be offering microblading with Hannah, this will eventually be available at Harley Street and Brentwood. This service will be for microblading lips and eyebrows. Hannah is also a professional make up artist, this service will also be available at London and Essex, Kent and Surrey (min spend required)…keep an eye out for new information for this on the website xxx The microblading and make-up artist services will be available on the mobile option until the clinics are re opened xxx

2 June 2020

So the updated method for bookings is that all bookings for Dermal Fillers, Botox, Aqualyx, B12 and Profhilo in London, Esses, Kent and Surrey need to be made via the website, and all consent forms need to be completed prior to the appointment. Its official… our new normal is being Mobile! At least until the Harley Street and Brentwood Clinics reopen.Adapting for the new age of aesthetics!

26 May 2020

Went for a great bike ride through Essex into Central London today…..The sun was shinning, my lips were bursting with pout! Did you know that being hydrated will really plump your lips. Because dermal lip fillers like Juvéderm Volbella XC and Restylane and Revolax are made mostly of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance that is effective at attracting water, lips become more hydrated when your hydrated. You can find this same ingredient in your favorite moisturizer and hydrating serums…learn something new and all that…..x

24 May 2020

Birthday pending! There is most certainly a buzz in the air this week (as I sip my Sunday morning coffee in bed at 10.35am)… I have been inundated with virtual consultations requests. Driving over Essex, London and Kent most days dropping off products and booking everyone in for their 1st fillers and anti- wrinkle appointments post-lockdown life is starting to be a bit new-normal! With bookings filling up already for the coming week, I will not be around Thursday though…Its my birthday!!!! Ill be 36 this year…cake pleaseeeeee xxx

12 May 2020

I have uploaded picture of one of my beautiful clients and some of her feed back from her Dermal Lip Filler & Anti- Wrinkle (The magic Bot) Treatments. This combination of treatments together is always offered at £300.00…its probably the most popular treatment/package with us.

04 May 2020

So the News is looking like there maybe a light at the end of the COVID19 tunnel, although social distancing will be a ‘thing’ for sometime to come, I wonder what this means for us all? I am really thinking about where I am going? My calendar was busy in Brentwood, things were starting to pick up well for the Harley Street Clinic and a good week was a regular thing. Thinking of starting back as ‘mobile’? Although it means a lot more work, I think this would have the least possible contact and avoid multiple people coming to the same place…I will think about this over the coming week but for Brentwood this sounds like the best option? Harley Street would probably stay as a normal Clinic day as the areas too big for mobile. Let me know what you think on the contacts page or if you have any ideas on what you think could work? Stay safe people xxx

24 April 2020

In such uncertain times, I am really trying to stay positive and keep busy. I put together some packs of the liquid gold facial last week and sent them out. This week I trained in Obagi…I am really looking forward to getting my new product range in and trying it all out (haha)… I will keep you all updated and will really make an effort to get this blog going!! I also managed to be bothered to do my Anti-wrinkle injections (we all know what I mean…I cant use that lovely B word on my site) today (do not know where I think I am going)…but its already cheered me up and although it would not have ‘kicked’ in yet….as I only done it 2 whole hours ago…I feel a bit fresher. Also added a cheeky 1.1ml of the magic that is dermal filler to my lips…. well, a girls got to live a little x

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