30 June 2020, So with a diary full of back to back Botox and Dermal Filler appointments (mainly home visits) I have been inundated with Aqualyx bookings too! In the past this treatment has been an after thought once Iv spoken about it, but this is a new time clearly….and the Aqualyx is INNNNNNN

Russian Lips are making a big impression and classic 3 areas of botox is the the go to treatment for men, womans, old young. You just cant get fresher! Harley Street, London is pending and I am actually looking for a new Treatment room for Brentwood…if anyone has any ideas please complete the contact form xxx

24 June 2020, The news has arrived! We have an opening date for Harley Street…Saturday 18th July 2020. We will be back at Harley Street, London. Injecting Botox, Dermal FIllers, Aqualyx, Profhilo and Vitamin B12 Injections…generally jabbing it up and making dreams happen (well, that maybe an over statement…but we make people feel good)

7 June 2020, Novum Aesthetics will now be offering microblading with Hannah, this will eventually be available at Harley Street and Brentwood. This service will be for microblading lips and eyebrows. Hannah is also a professional make up artist, this service will also be available at London and Essex, Kent and Surrey (min spend required)…keep an eye out for new information for this on the website xxx The microblading and make-up artist services will be available on the mobile option until the clinics are re opened xxx

2 June 2020, So the updated method for bookings is that all bookings for Dermal Fillers, Botox, Aqualyx, B12 and Profhilo in London, Esses, Kent and Surrey need to be made via the website, and all consent forms need to be completed prior to the appointment. Its official… our new normal is being Mobile! At least until the Harley Street and Brentwood Clinics reopen.Adapting for the new age of aesthetics!

26 May 2020, Went for a great bike ride through Essex into Central London today…..The sun was shinning, my lips were bursting with pout! Did you know that being hydrated will really plump your lips. Because dermal lip fillers like Juvéderm Volbella XC and Restylane and Revolax are made mostly of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance that is effective at attracting water, lips become more hydrated when your hydrated. You can find this same ingredient in your favorite moisturizer and hydrating serums…learn something new and all that…..x

24 May 2020, Birthday pending! There is most certainly a buzz in the air this week (as I sip my Sunday morning coffee in bed at 10.35am)… I have been inundated with virtual consultations requests. Driving over Essex, London and Kent most days dropping off products and booking everyone in for their 1st fillers and anti- wrinkle appointments post-lockdown life is starting to be a bit new-normal! With bookings filling up already for the coming week, I will not be around Thursday though…Its my birthday!!!! Ill be 36 this year…cake pleaseeeeee xxx

12 May 2020, I have uploaded picture of one of my beautiful clients and some of her feed back from her Dermal Lip Filler & Anti- Wrinkle (The magic Bot) Treatments. This combination of treatments together is always offered at £300.00…its probably the most popular treatment/package with us.

04/05/2020 So the News is looking like there maybe a light at the end of the COVID19 tunnel, although social distancing will be a ‘thing’ for sometime to come, I wonder what this means for us all? I am really thinking about where I am going? My calendar was busy in Brentwood, things were starting to pick up well for the Harley Street Clinic and a good week was a regular thing. Thinking of starting back as ‘mobile’? Although it means a lot more work, I think this would have the least possible contact and avoid multiple people coming to the same place…I will think about this over the coming week but for Brentwood this sounds like the best option? Harley Street would probably stay as a normal Clinic day as the areas too big for mobile. Let me know what you think on the contacts page or if you have any ideas on what you think could work? Stay safe people xxx

24/04/2020 In such uncertain times, I am really trying to stay positive and keep busy. I put together some packs of the liquid gold facial last week and sent them out. This week I trained in Obagi…I am really looking forward to getting my new product range in and trying it all out (haha)… I will keep you all updated and will really make an effort to get this blog going!! I also managed to be bothered to do my Anti-wrinkle injections (we all know what I mean…I cant use that lovely B word on my site) today (do not know where I think I am going)…but its already cheered me up and although it would not have ‘kicked’ in yet….as I only done it 2 whole hours ago…I feel a bit fresher. Also added a cheeky 1.1ml of the magic that is dermal filler to my lips…. well, a girls got to live a little x

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