Jaw Fillers

Lets talk about Jaw Fillers….

Here at Novum Aesthetics, we aim at enhancing your jaw so that you can have a perfectly defined jawline. We use dermal fillers that will make your skin feel young by pulling in loose skin. Dermal Fillers when injected onto the jaw contours of the jaw and depending on the amount used, a minimal amount can give soft contouring…with a more substantial amount offering a well defined jaw line. Schedule a consultation visit with us to find out whether jaw augmentation is right for you.

Who has Jaw fillers…?

Clients of all ages are opting for this quick treatment for jaw enhancement or definition as the downtime is minimal and the results are instant.

Jaw Filler treatments helps to achieve an overall balance of the facial features. It is also done to correct structural jaw issues due to some genetic deficiency or facial trauma. The procedure improves the appearance of jaws that may otherwise look out of balance with other facial features.

Dermal Jaw fillers restore the visual balance by making the jaw appear more defined and angular.

Who will carry out the treatment…?

Here at Novum Aesthetics, all of our Aesthetician’s are fully qualified and Insured to carry out the treatments we provide. We only use prescription Botox by our prescribing Doctor and British Standard CE marked Dermal Fillers.

Our team are regularly re-training to keep up to date with the latest techniques and new treatments on the market.

Where can I get this Treatment…?

Dermal Fillers for the jaw area can be booked for our Harold Wood Treatment room.

Dermal Fillers at Harley Street is one of our more popular treatments, with the Jaw Filler at Harley Street being one of our areas of expertise!

Brentwood also offers Jaw Filler treatments too….

Before and After Care…

Avoid Alcohol and Ibuprofen for 24 hours before and after Dermal Fillers or Cheek Filler treatments. Do not go to the gym/sunbed/sauna for 24 hours after cheek filler treatment. Please also try not to touch the area for 24 hours after to avoid infection

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Please book for Harley Street (London), Harold Wood (East London) & Brentwood (Essex) through the bookings page on the website.

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