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Novum Aesthetics are leading aesthetics practitioners based in prestigious Harley Street (Central London) and Brentwood (Essex). With decades of experience between us, our private, easily accessible treatments are of the highest standard.

Offering all aesthetics treatments, from Lip Fillers, Facial Contouring Packages, PRP treatments, Aqualyx Fat Dissolving, Weight loss aids, Profhilo and so much more…

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Used to treat a wide range of cosmetic issues, including fine lines and wrinkles and excessive sweating. Softening the masseters, and facial slimming, face-lifting, lip shaping…the variation of treatments with this product are endless. We recommend Azzalure (prescription based British Standard) for anti- wrinkle injections


1 area £120.00

2 areas £150.00

3 areas£170.00

Anti-ageing injections

Dermal Lip Fillers can be used to enhance lip definition and creates a more defined smile, working on lip volume or shape – or both! We also specialize in correctional work, helping to make lips more symetrical or to eradicate ‘gummy smiles’ .

We stock Jeuvederm and Revolax for Dermal Lip fillers. This treatment is available at our Brentwood and Harley Street branches.



1ml £160.00

2ml £250.00

Lip Filler

Dermal FIllers can be used to give a more defined jaw line, with the amount being used defining the end result. This treatment can also be used to tighten to skin around the treatment area. Face-contouring at its very best!

This Treatment can be booked at our Harley Street or Brentwood branch


1ml £180.00

2ml £280.00

Jaw filler

Enhances cheek size, definition, and shape.


1ml £180.00

2ml £280.00

Cheek filler

Used to fill wrinkles and folds making the appearance of the chin more aesthetically pleasing.


1ml £180.00

2ml £280.00

Chin filler

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£280.00 for 2.2ml – in any area


Are you tired of dieting and seeing no results? If getting a healthy BMI is not manageable this may be for you! Suppressing appetite together with a healthy diet and light exercise….we can help!


1 Pen is £190.00 and includes a consultation, prescription and ongoing support

Skinny pen

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