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Here at Novum Aesthetics we like to keep our prices competitive, offering some of the cheapest Anti-ageing and dermal filler treatments in London and Essex and maintain our high standard, using leading brands in the Anti-ageing and dermal filler markets.

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Used to treat a wide range of cosmetic issues, including fine lines and wrinkles and excessive sweating.


3 areas£190

Anti-ageing injections

Enhances lip definition and creates a more defined smile.



Lip Filler

used to stiffen the skin on a jawline and define the chin and jowl area.



Jaw filler

Enhances cheek size, definition, and shape.



Cheek filler

Used to fill wrinkles and folds making the appearance of the chin more aesthetically pleasing.



Chin filler

Offers filler treatments that we feel gives us a specialist edge.




Help you to reach and maintain your weight-loss goals.


3 areas£190

Skinny pen

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